Grundal the Goblin

Near Forwatch, in a valley by the broken wall, there was a field of goblins. At one corner of that field was a goblin cave full of named creatures.

Unlike WoW, EQOA monsters that were named didn’t always drop rare items. Instead, they had a chance-drop system.

One of the most camped goblins on Hodstock’s server was one named Grundal. Why did EQOA choose to name a character after an area of the body between the nuts and the butt? Who knows.

Grundal dropped a rare monk only weapon that could easily sell for some ridiculous price. I believe it was a claw, but I could be wrong here. In total, I killed him about 75 times and never once saw the claw.

Note: After searching for grundal and grundle, the only thing I got was a level 55+ monster with a lot of video of him being solo’d. Like such:

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