The adult side of EQOA (graphic, funny, odd)

I’m only going to share this story because to this day I can’t believe it happened.

A certain prominent female player, who had a history of being flirty with other characters, became a close “friend” in the word of Tunaria. It got to the point where she was listed on a fake MSN messenger account that I would use to avoid giving away any real information about myself. We would chat every day.

One time she got to talking about her personal life. Her boyfriend was away on a work trip and she had fallen in love with a guy she had met in the game. Kind of strange right? Keep reading because things are about to take a turn for the incredibly inappropriate.

We kept talking about random things in her love life when all of a sudden she sent a webcam invite. I don’t own a webcam (and still don’t) but apparently you can do a one-sided video chat. When the video starts to stream, it’s an overweight woman shoving a giant dildo into her vagina.

This remains one of my most vivid, and yet horrifying, memories of EQOA. For the record: I watched all the way through. I don’t believe in quitting and I was willing to be the poor soul witnessing a 12 inch cucumber being pickled between two hams.

I would love to say that I’m joking and I made that all up… but I’m not. I am 100% not. Who can 1+ that?

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1 Response to The adult side of EQOA (graphic, funny, odd)

  1. Tidal says:

    Yeah, um, congratulations I think… I can’t come close to that at all.

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