MMO’s cause personality changes?

My high school career was pretty much consumed with Runescape, EQOA, and Socom. I did play some WoW in college, but not nearly on the scale as the previously mentioned.

What I’m starting to wonder is if these games altered my personality and/or work habits? I got bored all too often in college with work, classes, and even some friends. Yet, I could still sit down and crank out hour after hour of meaningless video game play.

The reason I’m asking this now is that I’m considering leaving a job that pays really well to go do something ridiculous for a year. I came out of college in May and wish I had taken a minimum wage job somewhere around people my age. Not a career move but something to build personality.

How much did playing video games like EQOA for hours on end during crucial years of personality development help/hurt me? If I go find a dream job, will I not just be fed up with it all the same?

Your guys’ take or personal experience?

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