Shout out to Marr’s Fist players

Never played on your server but I imagine it was much like Hodstock… sort of in the shadow of CLW. Here’s a video from their server taking down Naggy. -1 for the Bon Jovi but +1 for the Madden 2003 memories.

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5 Responses to Shout out to Marr’s Fist players

  1. Tidal says:

    Man, Marr’s Fist was a great server for me. The community was pretty good and there wasn’t too much griefing (except the SM robes). I recognize most of the names on that raid although I dont think I only dealt with them in passing.

  2. Tidal says:

    One guild pretty much dominated the area and trained anyone who tried to get the robe. I didnt see the big deal about a dress anyway.

  3. Donte says:

    I miss this game with a passion… haha and I remember you both I think.
    ~Donte 60 Proc Ranger/Bravo/Were-Hunter
    Foreseer’s Of Fate ~ Knights Templar

  4. lexow says:

    Lexow 57 SK, too lazy to get to 60 lol i just played around. Takitaki 40 sumthin nec and srsmokesalot 50 sumthin druid

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