Pointlessly long mazes in starting cities

What the F was SOE thinking when they designed KlickAnon, Neriak, Moradhim, and Highbourne?? No minimap, in-game map, or anything else to help a new player find their way out of those traps.

This was most annoying when you had to go fetch random items for the first 5 quests. Accidentally sold those spider eyes? Tough luck, son. Make your way back outside, if you can. Additionally, finding the coach master was like playing Where’s Waldo… except you were paying a monthly fee.

Kudos for the adventure, cursed for the time wasted trying to find the level 17 quest giver.

Don’t be fooled by how simple this map makes Klik look:

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6 Responses to Pointlessly long mazes in starting cities

  1. Tidal says:

    I especially hated Klick. HATED. The other ones were mazes but not so bad. Of course nothing could be simpler than Fayspires and Surefall Glade.

    • Stoney says:

      Klik was one of those places that in the minimaps that came in the game guide seemed like a small town. But if you go down one wrong hallway, it took a few minutes to find your way back to to the right spot. Neriak was a pain in the ass with all of the invisible walls.

  2. Tidal says:

    You know, in my 7 years of playing off and on, I never really played an “Evil” character except an Eru Nec that started in Highpass. I couldn’t stand the darkness of the city and surrounding areas. It was depressing.

  3. Victor says:

    I have certain paths around every starting city memorized. Meaning you’ll never get lost in a starting city with me. I might not can point out a certain NPC but I know my way around all them.

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