The Orc Cave

Connecting Fayspires to Moradhim, the orc cave was a notorious spot for mid level characters to xp, train, and of course, die. It was probably the most annoying area in the game, but easily the most memorable.

The image given here is not from EQOA. Most likely it’s from the PC versions of the game. Yet, it looks almost the exact same as EQOA’s more blocky version.

Orcs were one of the classic enemies throughout the game. I mean, did anyone get to 60 (back in the day) without going to the Deathfist camps from levels 30 to 40?

The orc cave near Fayspires was my first introduction to the mob-type. Around level 10, elves would transition from the bee hive to the cave. My first characters were dwarves and elves and they both went through the orc cave to level.

Also, who remembers the female orcs? To prove how lazy SOE is, they put a blonde wig graphic and some boobs on the male character and called it a woman.

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