EQOA Gathering points

There were 4 main gathering points throughout EQOA’s history. These places were probably the best example of the average level of the game’s population. They were, in order:

  1. BSI/DM – Black Swan Inn at Darvar Manor was one of the main gathering points from release until 3-4 months in. It’s right near gnolls, bandits, and undead — all great leveling places for the 20’s.
  2. Highpass – HP became the main gathering point once people started hitting 50. It was in the middle of Tunaria and offered coaching points to several grinding camps.
  3. Freeport – Right after Frontiers released, the HP population died and either moved to FP or BW. Camps were added in different regions, such as Arc. FP was also the market center for the game. Everyone remembers the FP rock being the most common place to find players AFK.
  4. BW – Blackwater seemed to be the new Highpass, except for 60s. Close to higher level mobs and with a bank that was close to the coach, BW is where you find the biggest guilds. Every big time guild has a photo of their players in BW… The Unnamed from Hodstock:

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1 Response to EQOA Gathering points

  1. Northax says:

    Old school, pre frontiers was, imo, the best and most nostalgic. Oh, the DM and HP spots were so great to hang out in. Ah, the memories. I never felt great about Blackwater for some reason. High level places like that do not bring back nostalgic feelings compared to the lower levels. I guess it’s because in the lower levels I was obviously more a noob/newb, so it felt more adventurous, and remembered when I first played entering Highpass and looking up to the level 40-50 players in awe of their gear and wondering what big creatures they ran into that awaited me. 🙂

    I never rushed to 50 (pre-Frontiers), and had multiple alts, so it took a while for my Ranger to first hit 50.

    I was quite bummed when Blackwater became the new hangout though. 😦

    At least Freeport is a cool city to hang out in, so not too bad. I still wish a high level XP area was close buy, a Freeport prison of some sort (as I said in response to another article on here about Qeynos). That would have made FP really an epic place to hangout.

    My most treasured moments were all at lower levels, when I was a newb. Ignorance was surely bliss, wondrous and adventurous! *sigh*

    I loved going to the gnoll caves from DM. Those big group raids with multiple groups all smashing gnolls at one time in close quarters. Oh man, so fun! 🙂

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