The most feared mob to run into at any level was a caster. If your character didn’t have high resistances to every class of magic, the caster could rip through you regardless of your hitpoints or level.

That seemed to be the biggest distinguishing difference between WoW and EQOA when it came to fighting mobs. Casters in WoW were weak due to their cloth. In EQOA, casters were still strong enough to take a good amount of damage. There was also no spell-interrupting ability like stomp or earth shock.

The most common casters to get tangled with when running through a random zone were wisps. These floating crystal specs could lay down 3 casts before beginning to chase after you. A level 30 wisp would have no problem taking out a level 35 player.

With that said, these became prized pets for enchanters. I personally remember using a wisp to help powerlevel. Their aoe’s and direct casts were enough to compete with any wizard around the same level.

There were tons of different types of wisps. The ones that I remember getting in trouble the most with were malign wisps South of Forkwatch. As soon as one of those guys saw you, the Frontiers fight music would start up and you knew that your hitpoints were about to disappear.

Perhaps the most infamous wisp was Pommus Magemell, Siliskor’s sidekick. At 50, this wisp was a pain, now he goes down in seconds…

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2 Responses to Wisps

  1. Theron says:

    Haha I have to agree. Wisps and Treants.

    I remember wisps attacking my my low level groups just outside of Darva Manor. Being a warrior with no invis was a pain.

  2. Northax says:

    I do remember wisps being one of the biggest pains in the butt, yes, especially near DM with the other wildlife around. I do remember also charming wisps on my Enchanter when we’d xp at giants.

    Always hated those things (when not on my Enchanter). 🙂

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