If I had control over EQOA

Assuming production costs are not a barrier, these are some things I would have done differently if I was SOE…

I would have had an expansion in late 2005. Why late 2005 and not 2004? Biggest mass exodus in the game came in 2005 because of a lack of new content and the rise of WoW.

What would be in this expansion?

  • At least 2 new classes and a level cap of 65. Not sure I would expand the races. The last 5 levels would take the same amount of time as it took from 50-60.
  • Class 1: Battery/Tank – like an SK but with group mana buffs. Can’t compete damage and battery wise with a Bard or Enchanter and can’t compete with Warrior or Pally for AC.
  • Class 2: ย Melee/Healer – Insta-heals only melee. Hits like a Bard, heals like a Paladin.
  • Expand the mainland to add more to explore.
  • Add epic server wide events like the Sleeper dragon from EQ.
  • Keep the ALL/ALL robes and do a yearly drop event at a random mob. Don’t release anything to the public about this.
  • Add mass dueling. Almost like WoW’s battlegrounds. (I had this idea back before WoW even released. With that said, Blizzard did an excellent job with bg’s.)
  • Obviously cut the fee back to the $9.99.
  • Moved it to a PC format.
  • Allow private servers… this can even be with an additional fee.
  • Introduce the ability to customize the stats on weapons and armor.

What are some changes you guys would have made to keep people playing EQOA?

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6 Responses to If I had control over EQOA

  1. Tidal says:

    I would make the mobs smarter and eliminate camps. Mobs would be random pathed in an area. Eliminate all high xp hunt and gather quests. Decrease the drop rate of gems and rares on non-raid mobs. Increase the xp gained from quests. Restore aggro to most buffs to be greater than taunt.

  2. Tidal says:

    Oh yeah, and the battleground feature would be great. Look up GvG MFTidal on the EQOA forums to see my idea.

    • Stoney says:

      Done. BGs in EQOA would only work if there was more armor. I think the game did a great job allowing players to customize their stats but failed to give them armor options.

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  4. Northax says:

    I’d lower the price to $4.99 a month.

    I’d advertise much more, on TV and especially the Internet. I’d have people going to forums, creating blogs and spreading the word. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Make Bow-path Rangers have the ability to shoot arrows just like casters ‘shoot’ their nukes, lose mana after each nuke, etc. The Rangers’ melee strength would be reduced by quite a bit, as well if they picked Bow path. They’d be able to make their own arrows, just like how Alchemists make their own potions. etc. etc. If they picked Bow path, their specific Epic choice would include a badass glowing green bow which shoots glowing arrows. I suggested they do this on the official EQOA forums (My official EQOA forums name was Noraxium), but sadly the devs did not listen to me back then (2004-2005). Oh well! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Would have made a ‘Freeport Prison’ for lower level players (13-19), basically a mirror of Qeynos Prison -> of which I absolutely ADORED on all of my Western Human chars back when I first played the game in 2003. Ah, I miss group xping there!!!

    I would have kept the Monks speed in punching the way it originally was before the stupid change! I loved how fast the Monk was! Was so badass sounding! WHY did they change it?! GRRR!

    I would have made the mana cost on wizards nukes quite a bit less than they were.

    Rangers would be able to tame wildlife (wolves, bears, lions, etc.) and use one as their permanent pet. Rangers would be able to track wildlife, and all mobs and players and spot them on their radar.

    I would have NEVER implemented the wereforms. ARG!! I absolutely DESPISED them. Everyone was a friggin’ were-this and were-that. It made me sick. I never got any were-form myself. Sorry, I did not like ’em at all! It felt like another game when I saw all these animal forms everywhere. Bleh! :O

    The gnoll caves down the road from DM would have been revamped for high level players to raid. Maybe level it at the low levels near the top, but add an extra level at the bottom for the level 60+ players to raid.

    Broken Skull island would be a revamped xp/farm spot for 60+ players with new rares dropping.

    IoD would have a specific spot where all mobs would be level 70+.

    The Lizard men in Cazic Thule would drop new GLOWING red ruby armor and the level would be 57-60! Some would be cloth (including a nice robe), some would be leather, some chain and some plate. So everyone would get something. Nice glowing read weaponry and rods (for casters) would drop, as well, with nice stats! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d probably want to make different high level spots drop different GLOWING pieces of armor like this.

    Lady Vox would be level 70+.

    New hex camps near in Zentars Keep for level 60+ to fight (they’d maybe drop some ice armor that glows bright white).

    I’m sure I’ll think of more later, and I’ll be back with the suggestions. The above is just off the top of my head.

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