SM robe @ Phantoms

When the SM robe was introduced, almost every player with a level 50-60 character headed out to phantoms to try and get a hold of one. The reward for looting the SM robe? Besides standing out as a tank or melee with a robe, you could sell it for a ton of tunar. 

In total, the SM robe dropped for maybe 10 days before SOE shut it down. This robe’s story is very similar to the CV and was most likely done on purpose by SOE to add excitement to the game.

SM robe on a Human














However, what no one anticipated was for a single player to change a pretty important element of the game. A human enchanter named Petgroup managed to pull off one of the most jerk moves in EQOA’s history… yet also one of the funniest.

In EQOA, as with most mmorpg’s, after killing a mob, a loot screen appears. If one player is looting, then no one else could. After so many minutes, it became a free for all and anyone outside the group could loot as well. This is different than WoW.

Dead bodies could be “refreshed” by simply opening the loot back up. If the body was refreshed often, it would not respawn. Lastly, and most importantly, there were no minimum time limits to how long a player could hold open the loot screen.

If you haven’t caught on by now as to what Petgroup pulled off, let me give you the whole story. Petgroup ran out to the phantoms and managed to kill the particular mob that drops the SM robe. He then chose not to loot, but instead just hold the loot screen open. For 24 hours. As long as he held that loot screen open, no one else could loot and the mob would never respawn.

Out of the 10 days the SM robe dropped, a whole lot less were collected on the Hodstock server as compared to the other servers. Needless to say, people were pissed. I personally thought it was brilliant and hilarious. So props to you, Petgroup, wherever your a-hole self is these days.

SOE made immediate changes in the game by putting a timer on the loot screen. The maximum time you could hold it open dropped to about 1 minute.

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1 Response to SM robe @ Phantoms

  1. Petgroup says:

    Can’t believe I stumbled upon this thread about me reminiscing about my EQOA days. I’m Petgroup and I didn’t hold the loot box for 24hrs. It was more like an hour instead 🙂

    I still play mmorpgs and will never forget Hodstock, charming Hand of Thule, Ebony Recluse and the Raging Rhino to bring him to that unkillable mob. We almost had it dead but the rhino died at like 20% HP.

    Man I miss those days but I’m married now and have two girls and love life.

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