Ninja Looting

The quickest way to get blackballed by the EQOA community? Ninja loot something rare with an important person in your group. Within seconds, a major city will be filled with shouts about how you looted that item without rolling. and the main EQOA forum site will surely be riddled with posts about how you have committed the ultimate crime. For the rest of your character’s days, it will be near impossible for you to find a good group.

Ninja looting is taking something from a recently killed mob without letting the rest of the group members “roll” for it. In some cases, a player accidentally loots, discovers that the loot is worth something, and then peaces out.

This not only occurred with items. The tank’s repair money was often stolen when the player responsible for collecting loot would “forget” to hand over the tunar…

The common ninja looting tactic? Loot the body and log off. Come back in a day or so and claim that it was a connection error and that you will be happy to trade the item.

What I have yet to understand is why SOE never added a looting system. I’m sure most of their complaints about other players pertained to looting. WoW had the ability to change loot options. It also had the function that as soon as a rare dropped, a roll option appeared on the screen.

On the other hand, EQOA was always a free-for-all loot setup that was programmed with a humanitarian mindset. Sure, there were no rules and it was probably much easier to let the community figure it out, but it sure as hell pissed a lot of serious players off when something they had tried for months to get was ninja looted by another greedy player.

In a future post, I’ll be sharing a looting story about the human enchanter, Petgroup. Not sure if anyone remembers this guy — but he pulled off one of the funniest and yet biggest a-hole moves in the history of the game.

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2 Responses to Ninja Looting

  1. Northax says:

    Ninja looting was the worst thing a person could do to anyone in the game.

    You can be trained by 10 different people in one hour, have max debt, have 0 DUR left on your gear, have to pay so much tunar to repair; have someone kill a quest mob that has a long respawn, etc. etc…. but all that was childs-play compared to someone ninja looting a good rare item you wanted. It happened to my group a few times, thankfully only once every 4-5 months though, but when it did happen, it ticked me off so much! D:<

  2. Sidius-MF says:

    hahaha I remember when the game was new, we could ‘shadow’ our chats with the proper spacing to fake a roll in /say. I remember doing that at the catamounts mob we camped in a group around wyndhaven or whatever the town was called over some crap loot that dropped. A patch changed the rolls color at some point and then also added a small space at the beginning of lines of chat in longer messages to combat doing that as it was also pretty funny to fake messages from other people in guild and group chats…

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