Qeynos Prison

To anyone who ever played during the first months of EQOA, the Qeynos Prison should bring back a ton of memories. For the WoW players, the Prison most closely reminds of the Defias fort in Hillsbrad. Yet, this was the hot spot for leveling. Too hot.

There were maybe 5 camps within the prison from levels 12-18. The higher level players would make their way downstairs to the convicts and felons while the low characters would stick with the lowly prisoners.

EQOA had an odd agro system for mobs. Even if you didn’t attack it, it would attack you. Meaning, if one guy pulls a bunch of prisoner and runs through your group, all those prisoners will target you. It’s called training. Pure genius and purely an ass move to take over another group’s camp. Training was the norm at the Prison and the shout chat was often littered with complaints about trainers and camp stealers.

Even with that said, people always returned. Just a 5 minute run South of Qeynos, the most dangerous people in the Prison weren’t the felons and convicts, it was the fellow players.

No photos or videos exist of the prison… so:

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  1. Northax says:

    I just commented on that YouTube video forum under the video itself. Watching it reminded me of Qeynos prison. Uhg! I miss it SO much. Most of my characters were Western Human, so I leveled all of them at Qeynos Prison. It literally depresses me a little to know that it will never come back, because EQOA is not as big as it used to be, and even though I hear many are playing on CLW server (my first and only server, as well), I believe I also heard many are high levels, and they hang out in Freeport, anyway. It’s too bad the devs did not put a ‘Freeport Prison’ about 2 minute run from the city, or even within the city (deep underground?). That would’ve been amazing! 🙂

    The nostalgic memories of Qeynos Prison leveling, I will always treasure them. Even when they trained, that was a drop in the bucket compared to the FUN I had leveling all my characters there! I remember especially when a pet group we formed went there at level 10-11 and killed the prisoners right outside of the entrance. Then we’d level up and move on inside to kill more in the towers and then more further inside. It was great because SO many people were all running around and killing prisoners along with you; the more the merrier. It was pretty easy to find a group, too, way before the devs implemented the LFG system.

    Anyway, I was really looking for some old videos of Qeynos Prison. If you ever come across them, please email me! 🙂

    My old characters were: Noraxium (paladin, my first char ever), Northax (bard), Zanitar (necromancer), Zorthon (rogue), Arithomius (wizard), and others, all Western Human except the Necromancer, but I ran him to get coaches at very low level (around level 5; yes, I did those runs when low level as I got to know the game), so he xped at the prison as well. 🙂

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