First to 50, same to 60 (Hodstock)

Dean and Skorge. These two characters were the first to 50 and then replicated their leveling sprint when Frontiers released. Dean, the human warrior, was rumored to have been played by multiple people. Thus, they broke up the playing time into shifts. Dean was also noted as the most decked out character on Hodstock. He wore the spectre robe, had the best weapons, and was in the best guild of the time, The Unnamed.

On the other hand, Skorge, a troll shaman, was almost never seen. As much as I played the game, I ran into the character maybe one time. I’m sure he had alts that I saw, but I never knew those were his. How someone manages to be one of the most known characters on the server and yet is rarely seen? Beats me.

How did the two characters manage to be the first, not only to 50, but also 60? Well, besides possibly having multiple people play the accounts, it’s my understanding that they prepped for level 51-60 quests by getting all the items first. Then, they had set groups to make sure there was always some sort of xp coming in. In other words, people in their guild made the sacrifice.

The benefit for the guild? First players to the highest level, of course. That’s a right of passage in the mmo world. Kidding. I have no F’n clue what the benefit of getting to the highest level first is, other than a gamer’s pride.

As a side note on where Dean’s account ended up. Well, at some point in 2004, he got fed up with everything and decided to move on. He had 4 CVs, the spectre robe (rarest item in the game), maybe 50 million tunar, several level 60’s, and the most noted warrior in the history of the game.

What was someone willing to shell out for that? $1,200. Which by my rough calculations, equates to $0.27 an hour. Time well spent.

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4 Responses to First to 50, same to 60 (Hodstock)

  1. Moory says:

    I always remembered talking to Dean while leveling 50-60 in Frontiers. He and I would both exp on Kerra Island but in separate groups. Although he leveled much quicker than I did, I believe I was the second druid to 60 on Hodstock.

    I believe leveling quick and wanting the firsts in Frontiers carried over to EQ2. I was the 2nd Warden to 50 World Wide and once Desert of Flames expansion released I was the first Warden to 60 World Wide and 6th person World Wide to 60. I was in Malice on the Grobb server and at the time, it was the best guild in the game throughout T5-T6 til it disbanded.

    You could say I was definitely one of those people who was hungry for high-level content and competition. I loved the rush of it throughout EQOA/EQ2.

  2. Northax says:

    I think the reason to rush to highest level is quite obvious: “bragging rights”. Yes, it’s that simple: plain ol’ human pride. lol! You’re repeating their names now, so that’s apart of theur intent: to be remembered, since there’s nothing else but memories of each game. All games have endings, memories are their only saving grace, and people love to live on in other peoples’ memories… again, for pride’ sake.

    Example: “I’m so important, people remember me before they remember “a” or “b”… ha HA! I’m a LEGEND!” type stuff.

    This is basic human psychology. We’ve all got pride, but few do take it seriously and take it the another level where many do not bother. They do stand out, and they know it. That’s their agenda behind it all.

    Being remembered for your massive pride to be recognized by many is one thing, being remembered for being respectful and being a nice person is another ballgame, entirely. Of course I am not always nice, but I do know some that are and they’re better than I! 🙂

  3. Skorge says:

    Hey guys, it’s Skorge here. Haha thanks for good memories. EQOA was one of the best games I’ve played to this date, and it had one of the best communities I’ve ever experienced.

    I’m not going to lie…being the first to reach level 50 on the server was an awesome experience! To this day it was, hands down, my favorite gaming experience. I also was the first person to complete the epic quest, thanks to almost 100 random people gathering to take down the epic boss, outside of Permafrost (Dean and Youu was there, as well as many of my other friends).

    What a lot of people don’t know is how I was able to reach 50 way ahead of everyone else. It was basically three things: 1) I was a healer, 2) I was an experienced Everquest player, 3) I discovered the fastest way to experience

    I also want to say that my favorite leveling partner, Levion, just up and disappeared from the game shortly after he made level 50. He was the second person on the server to reach 50. He hit 50 2-3 days after I did. Even he was way ahead of everyone else. Levion was a rogue btw.

    Next, I want to talk about my experience strategy. It was actually pretty simple: DPS. I never invited a tank to my exp groups. I focused on getting 3 rogues to join my group. I ended up being the tank, even though I was the healer. I was able to tank because the mobs would die so fast due to the high DPS and my heals kept the agro on me. Healing was somewhat busted back then, they were drawing INSANE amounts of agro, so tanks were basically worthless from my experience (back then). I came up with the idea to just focus on dps and it worked. In fact, it was at the point where everyone high level rogue on the server wanted to join one of my groups, lol…

    Finally, I want to talk about this other guy, who was WAY ahead of me in levels at one point. When I was in my late 20’s he was mid 30’s or late 30’s. This guy was a cleric, so we never grouped. I can’t even remember his name, but he just randomly quit the game, before he could even make 40. That guy would have been the server’s first 50. I had him on my friend’s list and would stay in contact with him…im pretty sure the reason he quit was he had nobody else high enough to experience (all the tanks/dps were too low to damage the mobs).

    Oh, btw, I never thought in a million years I would ever be the first to hit the max level in anything but I did in EQOA, lol. That wasn’t my intention. It just got to the point where I was leveling way faster than anyone else because of my strategy. During the time I played EQOA, I was a full-time college student and was living with my girlfriend, so it wasn’t like I was playing non-stop like some people may thank.

    Man I miss everyone I met back then…my boy Frawd, lol…me and him would abuse the chat system, before it got nerfed, where you could make people think others were shouting (for example: Frawd’s Mom says “Frawd get off that game and come clean your room.”)

  4. samsmoke69 says:

    Great post Stonee I had found out about what Dean did alot of us in The Unnamed knew, after 60 he slipped and told a guildy he was paying his sister to play as he was at school and nights as he slept, always wondered why they ignored messages to certain times of the day…. also she killed there groups bad haha I used to get messages man Dean is terrible tonight killing us over and over haha… and Skorge I was there on my 44war Cinork I am appauled you didn’t mention me chain pulling 2 hex huts those last two nights and helped you tank your epic…. you lev gokkan and me hex huts!

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