Sound glitches in high population areas

Watch the last 30 seconds:

Hear the woman dying, over and over? Earlier in the video you could hear the beginning of the glitch and by the end, it was in full swing.

EQOA, designed for the PS2 platform, didn’t fare too well when a ton of people got into one area. I remember BSI getting so over populated that if you stood at Inn and looked at the stable, you couldn’t see the stable master. Highpass had similar issues before the Frontiers release.

Same went for sound. If there was too much casting and too many people in one spot, a single sound clip would be looped until the player left the area. Not sure if this was a programming mishap by SOE or simply a hardware-demand issue but it’s definitely weird listening to a video game moan continuously…

Side note: Props on the VHS recording.

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