EQOA lingo (Compared to WoW)

The first thing I noticed when playing EQOA was the lingo. Most of it is probably from EQ, but not having played EQ, I can’t for sure say. The first word that it seems like every mmorpg has a term for was “uber.” If your character was “uber” it was “elite” by WoW standards. If you character was level 20 and uber, it was a “twink” in WoW.

Player: How long till you level?

EQOA player: 3y 2p.

WoW player: 4.5 bars.

When those yellows and pinks were filled up… ding! WoW never really had a term to replace “ding.” Yet, while it was universal in EQOA, it was rarely used in WoW.

Breastplates instead of chest pieces.

Con instead of target. Mob instead of… no idea if WoW had a replacement for this. “Con that mob,” was a pretty common term meaning “target that npc.” Another part of conning was what color the npc conned. Green? Dark blue? Red? “It’s a light blue…”

SoW and Invis, pls?” was spammed throughout Freeport. Spirit of the Wolf and invisibility were the most important part of any sort of traveling.

Towns: Let’s head over to… bsi, mtg, hp, fp, fw, bbw, pos, iod, pod, arc… etc.

AFKing in EQOA wasn’t just going away from your keyboard. Instead, it was a petter going AFK and having their pet kill a spawning mob. The closest WoW came to this was macroing and bots. Both of which were incredibly easy for Blizzard to track and could get you banned less than 30 days of setting the program up on your account.

Endgame bosses: QoV, AoF, Sili, Vox, Naggy, Sky, Twins.

WoW player: %@$*! I have to run back to my body!

EQOA player: %@$*! I have max debt!

Lastly — tunar. WoW was much more complex with copper, silver, and gold. Tunar was the only currency system in EQOA. Oh, and if you died while you had tunar on your character and not in the bank, it was cut in half.

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