Owning the auctions

Auctions were introduced to EQOA right before the Frontiers release. This was my first experience with an mmo auctioning system and it took a while to get it down. Yet, within a few months, a real life friend and I were playing games to see who could break 100 million tunar first… starting with nothing.

One player that I remember competing against in the auction system was an elf cleric named Liljay. He and I both took a ton of time to level because we were too busy buying and selling.

What to buy? Low level items that are really rare. This works in any mmo. I used to sit around on WoW in the auction house looking to buy every blue item that was under level 19.

Here’s a list of things I used to buy in the auction house on EQOA…

  • Gems were the best starting point. The standard gem was selling for 2k. A ton of people would post them for much lower.
  • Centaur lance – level 22 item that you could sometimes find going for a couple thousand. Resell value was over 2million.
  • ALL/ALL robes – obviously these didn’t come around often. It was more entertaining to see what people would post them for. The lowest I ever saw go on the auction house was 23 million. The highest was 250m.
  • ALL/ALL swords – casters loved these things. There was a watchman’s sword that was level 5 all/all. I bought a handful of these for 5k a pop and resold for over 100k.
  • Bloodstained – search that word and look for any sort of armor. Anything under a 100k was worth buying.
  • Sandstorm equipment – this was level 22-23 gear that was the first possible plate gear for tanks to wear. One piece could easily go for over 2 million.
  • Blue chain tunic – level 22, 10 sta, 10 agil, bards could wear. Easily get 50-100k for this.

The best part about EQOA is that you could wear all this stuff and then sell it. The whole binding aspect of WoW presented a huge dilemma in buying and selling gear around your character’s level.

And of course, a randomly googled pic:

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