EQOA’s duping glitch

Note: Correct any of this if it is even remotely wrong.

Duping was a short lived trick that a few players managed to take advantage of. If done repeatedly, people could get a character to 60 in a day. The following is all what was passed down through the EQOA grapevine.

Duping occurs in every game. Yet, EQOA’s was a bit more interesting. First, the only thing people seemed to duplicate were stackable items. What was valuable in stackable items? Well, remember those quests where you could turn in 4 of an item and get 400k xp? It would be pretty nice to find a system where you could make a stack of 99 without killing a single creature.

Second, and the most intriguing thing about the whole duping saga, was that the people who were caught were cut a deal by SOE. They could keep their accounts (the rest were banned) if they sold out their fellow dupers. The great prisoner’s dilemma. Several fessed up and SOE promptly fixed the glitch. The most astounding part of this is? SOE actually doing something.

If you duped anything — I would love to hear the exact method and exactly what you copied. Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

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1 Response to EQOA’s duping glitch

  1. Jim says:

    lol @ tgnv being tagged. I remember people constantly accused us of duping cv’s for our members. (This was not the case, sorry folks.)

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