Gaming setup and music selection

I always like to see how people have their gaming area’s setup. Mine was pretty lame and evolved throughout my years in EQOA.

Starting out, I sat on the end of a twin sized bed in our guest room. The 27″ RCA 1991 TV (which we still have and still works… used to play Duck Hunt on that thing) sat on a really old white desk.

After spending enough time and enough late nights in that room, I pretty much reclaimed the area. I added a new bed, new tv stand, and of course — an actual chair. 

Yet what I remember most about this setup was the music. Even though I had the early 90’s TV, I somehow didn’t have a boombox. Instead I had a cd player with plug in, battery powered speakers. Pure genius.

What went through those speakers? None other than late 90’s, early 00’s classics:

  • Pearl Jam – Yield
  • Incubus – Make Yourself
  • Linkin Park – Meteora
  • Everclear – So Much for the Afterglow
  • John Mayer – Room for Squares
  • Rage Against the Machine – Renegades

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2 Responses to Gaming setup and music selection

  1. Moory says:

    I believe the artist I over played the most was the old Linkin Park songs. Each and every time that plays on the radio or I play it myself it brings back fond memories of EQOA.

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