Cactus Glitch

Who the hell designed the cacti for EQOA? When have you ever encountered a cactus that you could literally walk on the spines? I would rather be run through by a sword than take one of those in the chest.

Even better, these spines were glitched to where if you stood in the right spot, you could hit a creature while it could not hit you back. There were other places where similar glitches allowed players to single-handedly take down boss mobs.

South of Freeport there was a lake with a ton of undead roaming around the area. Two level 28 mummies spawned on either side of a stone. You could pull them¬†separately, run to the cactus, get into it’s spine and kill it all without taking a single hit of damage.

It was much slower than leveling with a group but there was a satisfaction in finding a way around the game.

PS. You have no idea how long I looked for a screenshot of an F’n cactus from EQOA. So this is right outside of Freeport and is much more entertaining than a photo. Plus, at the end you see a cactus…

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