Zombie Quest in Wymondham

This was the most money temporary quest they ever put out. You had to protect a guy from invading zombies and the reward was an item with 10 charges. When used, it placed a damage shield on your character that whenever an undead mob hit you, it shot out lightning to all other undeads in the area. A friend and I would go to the undeads near BSI/DM, pull about 20 and they’d fall within 3-4 seconds. In a game that’s incredibly difficult to level, it was great going from 15 to 30 in a few hours.

Needless to say, this quest was removed and we all went back to the slow xp grinding.

From here:

That is the Zombie quest in Wymondham. Run East from Surefall and you will come to the town. There is a tower in the middle of town with 2 guards and a captain in front of it.

Talk to the captain and he will give you a quest and a club.
If you are lvl 35 or higher the club will crit for 20k on the first blow and kill the zombies trying to get to the tower.

Takes maybe a minute to defend the tower.

Reward is Zombie Ward gem with 10 charges. Each charge lasts 15 min? Whenever you are hit 400 AOE undead damage is cast around you. So if you get quaded by something that will put out 1600 damage to the undead!

Awesome way to kill zombies etc…more on you the more dmg it does.

Neat trick….pull a couple of greens…then run to the undead.
Every time the green hit it is 400..but only to undead so they not hurt…but the undead sure is!

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