Original Review of EQOA by Gamespot

  • This obviously looks like it was filmed right at release, but he is spot on when he talks about a lot of elements in the game and throughout the lifespan of the game.
  • Side note: Greg looks uncomfortable.
  • I don’t agree with his criticism of the game’s graphics. For one, it’s on a console and I guarantee you they pushed it to the limits of design. I agree with Greg’s comments about repetitive terrain but the art and animation of characters/objects was something that I got used to. Not to mention it was 2003 and the best I had seen before that was GrandTheftAuto3 and even worse, Runescape.
  • “The very first decision you make in the game is by far the most…” (5:45ish) That’s the part of this game that I like the most. I actually think this is where WoW kind of let me down. In WoW you can make whatever you want and it can eventually grow into whatever you want. For example, priests can be damage dealers, healers, or support characters. Yet EQOA’s equivalent, Clerics, are generally only healers — though I have heard of clanks, cleric-tanks. Not sure why, but this appealed to me more. Though it did lead to a lot of mid-30’s characters that were never completed because a melee class couldn’t find a group or they were just too damn boring. Also, a drawback of having a single role throughout the character’s life was the lack of soloing ability. With that said, EQOA was a community based game that required cooperation with other players.
  • “Act in character,” not sure if I ever have met anyone in any mmorpg that’s used “thee” and “thous.” If I did, they’d be ignored pretty quickly.
  • Criticism of the time consumption – I couldn’t agree more. This game takes so long to move up in. No maps, spread out mobs, long quests, grinding, etc.. But again, the community aspect is what drove this game and is what kept people from putting down the controller.

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4 Responses to Original Review of EQOA by Gamespot

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  2. bob says:

    i read that the devs wanted to add an in-game map, but couldn’t do it because of all the textures that would have needed to be drawn, which would have been on top of the game already running and using textures

    • Stoney says:

      Really? Was this something from the 2003 era? An ingame map would definitely have made the game much easier. And I would think that SOE was smart enough to look into it so if nothing came out, there was most likely an issue with hardware-software capabilities.

  3. Northax says:

    Time massive time consumption was o problem for me. I expected it and liked it. Any game that is easy becomes really boring, very fast. People hitting cap level quickly and then complaining about nothing else to do after they raided this area or that area, it’s quite annoying. Then again, I love grouping with others to level up grind and quest, so I loved how the devs just about forced us to get a group for quests, not so easily solo them on our own. That’s just me. The ideal would be for the devs and any future gaming companies to make OPTIONS for players to pick from one server that does make questing and xp grinding easily done by the solo player, and then another server type where all mobs are extremely hard to solo, where this would force people to seek full groups for xp grinding and especially quests.

    The LFG system, which would also have a section for those LFG for specific quests, so they can see anyone else on the same quest, would help with this, as well.

    I love grouping. If grouping was the only way you could do anything in the game, I’d be happy. That’s how much I love grouping!

    Criticizing the graphics is kind of weird, since this is a console game… from 2003! How could they criticize that!?

    Did he level his character to cap level (50 at the time), get in guild that helped him quest at lower levels, etc.? If only leveling to 7 or 10? Even level 20 or 30? That’s not nearly enough time to judge an MMORPG. I knew the time it took me to level to 50 on two characters, and high 40s on 2-3 other characters before Frontiers came out, and I had no problem with it. I grouped a lot and socialized, also had good guild to help and socialize with while doing quests I didn’t need help with. So it all depends on what his experience was, he should not use that to say the game is ultimately “this” or “that” way. He should rather say this is how it was for him and that he didn’t level too far, so try it out for yourself, not rely totally on someone elses word. That’s all they can do, really.

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