Gertrude the Bear

One of the early memories I have of this game was the masses of level 18-23s chilling in Gertrude’s cave. If you ran straight East of Qeynos, you would end up in the mountain areas around the level 17 quest mobs, the rat cave, and of course, Gertrude’s cave.

She wouldn’t attack if you stood beside her, but people loved beating that bear to death. The size of a house, she dropped nothing and I’m not sure what her purpose was. I imagine it has something to do with a shaman quest. Which is fitting for the game since the closest shaman starting point was Halas… This game always did crap like that. Quests that were incredibly far away from the starting point. I get it, that’s how SOE makes their money.

Here is a photo of a bear. It’s not Gertrude because I couldn’t find one. Instead, imagine this bear about 4x as big.

Where was Gertrude? Here:

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