Dreadnaughts – IOD key

Dreadnaughts were these giant skeletal centaurs that had to be “kited” in order to kill. If they slowed down or were stopped to melee, they would release a disease that pretty much wiped out everyone in the area.

Groups of 5-20 would get together and pretty much tag team these huge mobs. All for a single item that would allow the player to go to the Isle of Dread.

IoD was the first major, end-game expansion and at level 50, it took a ton of people to coordinate and kill a dreadnaught. Even at 60, it was still something that usually took multiple players.

With that said, it’s one of the funniest things to watch. Some jackass always cut in front of the dreadnaught just close enough for it to take a swing, wiping out the whole group. Moments like that were always the most entertaining to me and I usually contributed to the chat box with more haha’s, lol’s, and lmao’s — than anything beneficial.

If you have forgotten what the dreadnaught fun looked like, never got that far, or never played EQOA, here’s a video of it. Poorer quality but you get the gist. Again, notice the superior animation and rounded edges*:


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4 Responses to Dreadnaughts – IOD key

  1. Lostangyl says:

    Dreadnaught raids were hella fun! That being said, later in the game they became laughably easy. Geared correctly, my Faithful (who btw was heal path, not resist) could solo them, and often did, just for the fun of watching the contrast of difficulty, considering how many big groups I saw wipe back in the day.

    • Stoney says:

      I saw videos on youtube of rogue tinkers taking down dreadnaughts by just using food to heal himself. To an extent though, I’m not surprised. People in the latest expansion of WoW have over 100k hit points. In the original WoW release, having over 10k hp was considered good for a tank. I think that would have been a problem for EQOA if they had expanded it again. 99% of the original game would have been obsolete and stats would have been out of control. Imagine a tank with 850 stamina max. Though entertaining, it would balloon stats and gear to the point where Vox would be able to be solod in a minute or 2.

  2. Northax says:

    I always loved doing Dreadnaught runs before Frontiers came out. All level 48-50s in the guild would just kill many of them. I loved IoD (again, BEFORE Frontiers came out), it was scary and fun to raid with 20+ people.

    On my Wizard, I always loved throwing my frost nuke, just to see the big snowball-comet-looking thing go flying on its way to the Dreadnaught. 😀

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